The Official Writing Challenge
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This is obviously something you feel extremely passionate about - I can feel that passion throughout this informative, interesting piece. I caught some punctuation issues, otherwise this definitely kept my attention.
Well done. This was very touching. I hope that you win just because of the content. Very poignant conclusion with the contrast of those who can write for an audience and those who can't write at all. Meaningful!
This is so true. I enjoyed the piece.

God Bless
Very well communicated. Got the message loud and clear. God bless.
I have a very good friend who is an ESL teacher. We really do not understand how blessed we are that we received that simple education but also that it came easy. So many people just have difficulty learning, they certainly wouldn't take our gift lightly. Thanks for the great reminder!
Great job! The ending tugged at my heart - you wrote it in a good informative style.
A wonderful piece. I can definitely see that your heart is invested in the quest for literacy. I had no idea it was so prevalant and I am glad you shared the story in order for us to personalize it by getting to know "Bob".
Loved it! I taught Basic Ed for quite a few years. I would work on the numbers 1, 2 and 3 all year, only to start over the next year....with adults. Reading was out of the question with them. I have taught at a snail's pace! After my experience, I praise God whenever I sign my name to a check, or recite my telephone number. You have renewed my sense of gratitude. Great job!
A well-written, poignant piece. This isn't the type of writing we usually see on the challenge but I enjoyed it. Maybe because of that reason.
I liked the way you used clear examples that the reader could identify with: the grid lines for elementary school and the embarrassment of only being able to mark a X when required to sign for something. This turned what could have been a dry and didactic piece into something much more personal. I felt uncomfortable with the secrecy surrounding your literary techniques. This might well be appropriate for a community newspaper where your name is given and people can write in, but I’m not sure that it works for the FaithWriters challenge.
Aw, Dub, this just breaks my heart--and shames me for griping about my own writing woes. Oh, boo hoo, I didn't place...I'll remember this next time I get the "pities." Thanks for writing this.
Great job personalizing an often overlooked problem. Working in a preschool, I know how hard it is for many to learn to write as well as the joy of victory when they succeed. I like how you stessed the little victories of Bob's life as more important than the unreachable goal. Keep up the good work.
This was interesting to read, it has a lot of heart. Thanks for sharing.
This is a great awareness piece. It's well written, and thought-provoking as well. Kudos for this.
I know exactly what you are expressing here. I've been involved with adult literacy for years; and your article speaks volums about the silent victories of many of my former students.