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Yep its gotta have heart! Nice reminder
I am ill equiped to evaluate poems, but I sure liked this one. The personalization of a story was a very interesting angle to use. The story can tell us things in this poem that we don't want to hear, but isn't that just like a story? No one can get angry at it, either! Well said. You have a lot of talent.
This was fun. Just one minor thing...I think you meant "putty" instead of "puddy."
The meter is good. You did a nice job with this.
Very entertaining - well done!
An enjoyable read. God bless.
I loved the colloquial language in this: twerps, yarn, drivel. It gave the poem a certain atmosphere that contrasted effectively against more the formal, proper writing that you decry.
I love the casual voice of this, and the great rhythm it has. Such a pleasure to read!
This was really fun - I laughed out loud at 'twerps'. Highly creative approach - as usual!
Your last stanza is so simple, yet so rich with truth. I love the easy-going voice here, and the encouraging message.
ooooh! This was great! I had to chuckle a few times and I love the title! The 'yarn' is one I can more than relate to. Excellent job for making this come together so smoothly-and so accurately! Loved it-awesome job!
Wow, Sue. I didn't know you were a poet. I really liked this a lot. Wonderful message and it flowed very nicely. Well done.
The writing was nifty, and right on target - but four verses didn't rhyme, and broke the rhythm; However, it had so many good points in it...perhaps we can call it prose instead of poetry. This took alot of work...nice entry. And all so true!
Just let it be known, I do not conisder myself a poet. I'm not sure which four verses don't rhyme or come close enough to call it rhyming but it must've been pretty close to get everyone elses vote! LOL Perhaps it were bow(supposed to be bow like a Christmas bow) and show hmmmmm Oh well, great fun to write anyway! And such great comments. Thanks for all!
Wait, I know! I'm going to call it prosetry! LOL
"that" and "bag",
"use" and "truth",
"point" and "want"
"notes" and "know"

hmmm. . . maybe that's the four. Oh, well! Sorry, I just wanted another comment! hee hee.