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Great story, makes me miss my best friend that lives in Colorado now. We've been known to have some silly times in the kitchen. I hope someday I can have as much fun with my writing as you do.
I love it! Nothing jumped out at me that needed changing. Love the tone, love the message--great job!
I love the tone of this, the story, the wonderful characters. Just kept me smiling from beginning to end!
Absolutely precious, and written with an authentic voice that was a pleasure to read.
Yes - this is a gem! Perfect all the way through! An absolute joy to read.
I loved this! The descriptions were great. I felt like I was in a corner of the kitchen watching them drink sweet tea!
Perfect voice which you sustained throughout the story. Finely drawn characters. In fact, delightful. yeggy
A wonderful and enjoyable story! You swept me into the scene and I longed to join the two of you in that room. Thanks so much for sharing this gem!
Now I'm going to feel like I'm harping on my own family: "Me and Emmie hit it off" should read "Emmie and I hit it off"... I wondered if it was intentional, but the narrator was supposed to be the more 'sophisticated' one and Emmie the down-to-earth mechanic type. If in doubt, take out the second name and try it just with the pronoun - 'Me hit it off' or 'I hit it off'. Hope that helps. If it was intentional ... never mind me. ;)
Yep Donna, all of the dialogue is intentional as is. Penny is not really supposed to be sophisticated. These are both "good ole southern gals." One just grew up with a few more privileges. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I do appreciate it very much.
This was a wonderful story. I loved the way you wrote it and Emmie came across as a lovable character, great job!