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Oh ... THIS is a gem! How creative, original and so much fun to read! Wow! And so well crafted too! Thanks for the smile to start my day. Absolutely loved it!
Good idea - you must have had fun doing this one. I liked your ending twist.
This WAS such fun to read. It took me a few lines to get the idea, but even that was fun. Creative, original, different, out of the many Penguins am I up to? :>)
original and delightful!
Appealing, brilliant, charming, delightful, endearing, fun Ill leave the accolades there so as not to disturb the connubially adhered
Now this is definitely creative! Very cute and fun (but you've already heard that). I enjoyed the surprise at the end, too. :-)
Very original, creative. I liked conflict and "jealousy" between certain letters. Very cute and fun. Great job.
Wow! I can't wait to see whose creative mind came up with this gem!
Children's book, Children's book!! Can anyone say Children's book. I'd buy it!! How cute!
LOL - It took me a bit to catch on, but I liked it. It might have helped me catch on sooner if the individual letters had been set apart (eg. 'd', 'e') If it was to be a children's book (which I could definately see) then those letters would no doubt be written extra large and bold. Cute title.
This was WONDERFUL! I very much enjoyed reading this, it brought chuckles all the way through. Great, great job! :)
What an enjoyable poem! I loved q's response to k - jealous of her curl. Too cute! Meter was perfect, everything just great. I agree with everyone - great children's book.
So very fun!!! I'm glad you threw your brick! This is simply delightful - and I also think it would make an awesome children's book. I could just see those letters chattering!
The first paragraph grabbed me and pulled me right in. What an original piece. It's so clever! It screams....PUBLISH ME!!!!! Bravo my dear, master poet! Bravo!
What I like - the creativity!!It made me smile all the way through. The ending of course was so sweet and came perfectly.:) I think kids would love this poem!

What I might change - nothing of course! It is terrific as it stands!
I love this!! So much fun!!! My fave: The ones above the blackboard spoke. (I could picture my kindergarten classroom.) Excellent and wonderfully creative poem. Again...I loved it!
What a great imagination! Looks like you really enjoyed this. I certainly enjoyed reading it. A fun poem with a subtle point. yeggy
I absolutely loved this. And I don't care if 15 commenters said the same ting before, yoou deserve to hear it. Excellent job. God bless.
This was an ingenious way to approach the topic! Though the meter was a little awkward here and there (not very many places), the imagination that went into this far makes up for it. I taught my daughters how to read with the phonics method and I knew exactly what you were talking about. I really have to read this poem to all three of my daughters.

If you did make this into a children's book, homeschooling parents with young readers might snap it up.
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