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Great story! Kept my interest throughout. Watch for using two J names... ;-)
Lots of twists in this one. I liked that. I could hear his bones creaking along with the floor boards. Good descriptions.
Glad I live in the Bible Belt. Story well done. Right on topic, and entertaining. Don't exactly get what they're hiding from...but still liked it!
Very creative take on the topic - and a VERY well told and creative story! Sure hope it doesn't come to this, but this was certainly realistic in my view! I really enjoyed this!
Well-written and a lot to think about. Good work.
Shari, this is one of my favorites this week. Very smooth, very honest, very well done. Strong, confident writing is always a pleasure to read. I hope this piece does well. God bless.
Good one! I'd love to see an expansion of this--a full-length story, perhaps even a novel?
Really like this, it is very reflective of a project on which I am now working - wanna co-lab? emai me.

Unfortunately, your story and mine, may be more prophectic than fiction.

Good job, I liked this a lot.

Not quite sure I understood the whole story, the end was a little confusing. But you held my attention from the beginning-very smooth flowing. :)
Enjoyed this one from the beginning to the end, Shari! It made perfect sense, just hoping it never comes true.