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A delightful change of pace...light and lilting. Gave my day a lift. Thanks, enjoyed the creativity. Well written.
This is absolutely wonderful in every way. Stories written like this can seem silly sometimes but this one is like a breath of fresh air on a hot day. So very lovely. I so enjoyed this. And great dialog. :)
Delightfully done! Very well crafted! I enjoyed this very much! :)
I liked the names of the characters reflecting who they were. Good story.
How very sweet. You did a good job of bringing your characters to life. "...a shiver ran along his branches..." I smiled at "Good morning, sleepyhead." Perhaps one suggestion would be to describe the gate. Was it wrought iron? Or did it have slats? How did the light get through? Thank you for this very enjoyable read.
A rose garden come to life. How precious. Caused me to wonder what goes on in the refrigerator when I shut the door :o).
Beautiful...loved the 'grumpiness' of the trees to the ever peppiness (is that a word) of the roses and lillies. Thank you for sharing.
I sort of think it would make a great childrens book with beutiful pictures to go with the beutiful message!
I agree this would make a great children's story. I love Elmer, BTW. That was my dad's name.
Good job!
I liked the last paragraphs explaining the significance of each plant. Great way to tie it all together. :)
Very animated, lively and entertaining. Very nice work, as always. God bless.
Creative idea and neat job of 'eavesdropping' on the plants. yeggy