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I loved this. How amazing that God often speaks to us in a quiet way, through his creation. I loved your ending.
How precious! What a treat to hear a story from the point of view of one who can't hear or speak. Very appropriate title. Good work.
This is perfectly lovely. We can learn so much from little children who have a unique way of looking at life. I loved your title too.
I am touched by this article. It depicts a mother's love, the son's love in response to her love and the love of God being instilled by her wisdom. Thanks to God for precious people like yourself who can portray the love and beauty of God in their writing.
Thanks for a glimpse into a world unfamilar to me, and for showing us the beauty in the world of silence.

My only quibble is a POV one--it starts out from the boy's POV, then shifts to the mother's.

The overall mood here is peaceful, quite lovely.
Very nice take and well done. I do agree with the POV comment. I am fascinated by sign language and thought this was very realistic.
Endearing story! Very creative!

When we lived in KY, there was a school for the deaf in our town, so we were around many hearing-impaired children and adults. I knew children that seemed to develop understanding of life beyond a hearing child of the same age. This story brought back some beautiful memories!

I agree with the POV issue -- you may want to rework that. This story, with a little tweaking, would be a great submission to a publication for the hearing-impaired!

Great work! :)
I absolutely loved this!!!! Very, very well done. Anointed, smart, smooth, touching. I hope this places. Thank you for the, smile, today. God bless.
Nice title, sweet story, good writing, and Great message. Kudos.
A smile and a moment of great, very powerful. I loved the idea of a garden talking to God...and then God talking to the garden for Kevin.

Thank you for sharing.
Well constructed, thought provoking, tale. Ah, how I wished all families functioned so well. My fav like is a challenge to me:
"I think God likes things that don’t make noise, don’t you?”
Well, ya should have told me I'd need a tissue. This is such a sweet story, and very well told. Thank you!
What a beautiful entry! I absolutely loved everything about it. It may be a "quiet" piece but it spoke volumes to my heart. :-)
Oh, this is lovely. It touched my heart with the boy's innocence. I loved your take on this subject. Well done!
Oh, did I ever LOVE this! So sweet and real and wonderful - and such a lesson to learn! Other than the POV shift, I couldn't see anything to improve!
Oh- left me with chill bumps! Awesome story, very moving. Good job!
This touched my heart on a deep level, so very anointed. I went back to pick a favorite line. It was very hard to do since there are so many.

Kevin giggled.
“Do the plants speak to your heart?”

His mother was struggling with the theological concept and how to articulate it with signing. “Plants don’t speak to humans, except to show us their beauty, which makes us feel good.”

Kevin looked out at the tomato plants being staked to the ground. “Then plants speak to your heart like God?”

What a concept. Truly one of my favorites. Hope this does well. Blessings Brenda

This is a story, to be sure, to add to my favorites!
I enjoyed the new perspective of using a deaf child's signing as a main part of a story. Would have liked the dad to be involved a bit more, but also liked hearing the mom's thoughts.
What a wonderful story! I love the wisdom and inquisitiveness of this little boy. "Do the plants speak to your heart?" Very creative and nicley done.