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Maybe Adam's time would have been better spent re-naming the AArdvark!? Great story!
Clever and funny - I definitely enjoyed this!!
The Title lured me in. Big on humor, light on topic, but a pleasant and delightful read; a nice change of pace. One suggestion, Capitalize "Big Guy" (even though I personally don't like Him called that) it deserves Capitals. Great creativity on this piece. Good Job!
Very, very clever! Two things -- I was confused at first ... was Steve the Aardvark? Yes, but it took me a while to understand that. Also, calling the Lord the "big guy" was a bit too casual for Adam. And, even so, it should have been capitalized! Aside from my silly nit-picky comments, this was delightful and took a lot of creative thinking! And, I LOVE YOUR ENDING! :)
Hmm. I wonder if you could have "attitudes" before the fall. ;) Very cute story.
Cute and funny! Thank you for making me laugh. I would like to set the record straight about the apple though. Apples don't grow in the Middle East. The fruit Adam & Eve ate was of a single tree God placed in the Garden. After the fall, the tree was removed from the garden, never to appear again. The reason God placed it there in the first place is thought to be a test of obedience & sin, simply put, is disobedience to God's laws.
I loved this! Very cute and creative. Kind of similar to my entry in Masters (so of course I love it)...Great minds do think alike.
Aaardvark: literally means "earth pig." Scientific name "Orycteropus afer" I think if the Steve new the scientific name he would liked Aardvark better. Fun story, however. A DaaVEY for your work!

I loved this! Your title drew me to the story, and then your marvelous imagination kept me reading. Well done!