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Goodness ... what a different perspective! It is a bit "light" on the topic but interesting nonetheless. God bless! :)
Because of one man's thoughts of grandeur...No! because of two men's thoughts of power, thousands and thousands of innocent people have died. Go figure. But this story has many things to ponder, but a bit shy of the topic Garden.
I would never have thought of writing something for 'garden' from the point of Sadaam Hussein!! Very creative!
Very creative. This really made me think. I'd forgotten that Iraq was Babylon, and that verse really brings things into perspective...
Aren't you the brave one! I hope you're not on his side,lol. But very well said from his p.o.v.
P.S. You forgot to mention your quote is from the NIV. I believe that's in the rules.
Wow! Didn't know Sadam was an FW contributor! I wonder if he's a "500" member? Anyway, you caught me in that first paragraph when you said Satan was on the side the United States. Good job. An Iraqi DAVEY for you!
Of course I'm not on his side. :) He makes me angry and writing this was therapy for me, and hopefully food for thought for everyone else. Sorry about forgetting to list the translation.

And thanks for the Davey! My first ever!