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Truly our reactions to the Father's blessings determine their effect on our lives. Quite the word picture to think of the Father's tears being the source of the fountain and stream.
Beautiful ideas formed in your dream of God's tears and sorrow; I beieve it should be "fruit bearing"...instead of baring. However, a beautiful picture of God's love. Nicely done.
loved this line " For the River of Live flows outward from the emotions of the Father's heart, both the joyful love, and endless sorrow for His creation." Great work.
What a beautiful illustration of sinfullness and redemption!
As I read this, I am reminded of a passage of scripture that talks about God capturing our tears in a bottle. How blessed we are that our tears can flow freely as we realize the magnitude of His forgiveness. Very thought-provoking piece.
This piece inspires a vision within me. I see a parallel with "I am the Vine, you are the branches." God's saving, healing tears of compassion are the Living Waters. We, His people, are the streams that flow from Him. So, I wonder about the land I dwell in and the people I live with - are they being nourished by the Living Waters flowing through me? Thanks for writing this. I am truly blessed.
Wonderful word pictures. I especially loved the last paragraph. This was SO visual! Great job!
Very lovely description. It painted a vividly poignant scene. I was very moved by this. Thank you for sharing it
What a beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing it!
I loved the vision of God's tears filling up the streams and riverbeds. My favorite line was where you speak of your heart that wept for the lost in the dead-lands. The sorrow over lost people can surely fill up many oceans. Beautiful descriptions and very well done. Compact and to the point. Bravo! :)