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Very inspirational and well anchored on the Word of God. Great compelling intro and dialogue.
You are a very good story teller.
Well done!
Great story. I was left wondering why Phillips was in jail. No clues? Peace like a river - never thought of that before. Cool.
You have used one of my favorite verses from the Bible..."Peace like a River"...or in this case, Pond. Liked the overall dialogue and enjoyed the story line. Good job.
I liked this concept of peace like a river: "He promises us peace like a river: peace and security as you go over the twists, turns, and boulders of life." Well done.
Flowed very well and had a good message. Good job!
Yes and amen to the other comments, but something else also drew my attention:

"God hasnt let you down, Mason - you have let you down!

This is an awesome truth. God never lets us down and when we realize this, "Peace Like a River" truly flows through our life. Wondeful idea for the topic and great dialog. Great Job!!!
This was good. Had one small problem. Didn't understand who was talking in the comment about Peter, Paul, Jeremiah and Joseph. Otherwise this was very good with a clear message.
Oooh...this is so good! My first thought was, "how would a 20-year old baby prisoner dare approach a veteran one twice his age?" But then I got caught up in the explanation of the Peace Like a River thing. That really struck me today - I've never thought of it like that before. Great writing - great message!
Excellent dialog skills, a bleievable main character...I, too, would like some explanation about why Phillips is in jail. Good approach to the topic.
Excellent story and it is so well done. I was captivated by the characters and loved the imagery of a river vs. a pond. Excellent point!

great use of dialogue!
Super job Joanne!! Great characterization, story line and message. Being somewhat familiar with inmates, this type of conversation happens all the time. Very accurate. You keep impressing me week after week. Love your writing.
God bless.
One word... Amen.
Great story, Joanne! Your writing provided great imagery and flow. Thanks for sharing a lesson so well told! Blessings. :)
An interesting story and you make a great point. You've done a wonderful job when you can get your reader to see something in a new light. I liked your conclusion as well. Very well done!
How many times have I sung that verse? "I've got peace like a river..." I'll never see it the same again. I just love the insight in this piece. Excellent!
I've never thought about it that way before ... peace like a river ... not like a pond ... hmmm ... yes!

The way you woke the story into it made the lesson you intended to communicate very accessible.

Excellent writing!
Your comparison of pond vs river is very thought provoking. I enjoyed this. Good job!
This strikes me as so refreshing. I really like the insight that Phillips shares with Mason about peace. Very good job of getting out the message in a most readable story format.
A great piece - really good dialogue and a wonderful, thought provoking analogy of peace. Curious about John Phillips too - I'm sure his reason for being there would make up a whole other story!
Good work.
This is very well written. A good pov and right on target. Good job.