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Absolutely beautiful free verse poem I loved it, loved it!! It is woven together with grace and sings like a song. My favorite line:

Charged with
wanting to
save mankind.

A crime He
confessed to.

Simply beautiful, blessings Brenda
Beautiful,filled with inspiring words of love. I have tears running down my face.
Not only is this a beautiful testament of faith, I loved the way the words form a physical picture of the cross. Well done.
Wow, a real break from your usual writing. Absolutely beautiful. Wish I'd written it myself (grinding teeth).
Hi ... I found this a most thought provoking and interesting piece ... well done indeed! Parts expressed the wonder of vicarious suffering so aptly and beautifully.

There were a few places were I either wasn't quite sure what you were saying / implying, or where the ideas expressed were not ones I really grasped. For example, in the first verse: "Pain is the only thing He / has permitted." I wasn't sure who the "He" was in this sentence. If the "has" had been "was" the idea would have been along the lines of what I expected. Of course, I am probably being dense!

I too loved the way it was laid out, and the central idea of being guilty for wanting to save mankind. I novel and powerful idea.

A winning entry! God blessed writing indeed.
Nice verse between the song lyrics, but you really needed to reference the song(s) you used here. "At The Cross," by Isaac Watts. Could be considered plagerism without the giving due credit.
I know there have been several times on an entry where I've forgotten to give credit for a song lyric or verse, thinking I already had. Good thing we can always go back and add that! Whew! I too liked the free-verse between the lyrics. ;)
I like the way you contrasted the two guilts, one deserved and the other undeserved, very interesting perspective.
Beautiful, but I too wondered about the plagairy aspect, and that bothered me; but I expected it to be footnoted at the bottom; however, very unique and effectual.
Great minds run in the same direction--I formed a cross, too--but yours is prettier.

Wonderful job, and in your defense, "At the Cross" is in the public domain.
Very creative ... very beautifully written! I love the hymn woven in (yes, it's public domain). Awesome! :)
Lovely, lovely LOVELY! Love the look and message of this. Just beautiful! Wonderful job of working your own writings in with the hymn. I really enjoyed this!
Forgive me. I am guilty of not reading this earlier. I usually don't follow poetry that well, but this I liked, not only because it was well written, but anointed, and it ministered to me. Now notice, I didn't mention the cr-----e word in this. It was mind you, but I know how you feel about it:)
God bless.
Absolutely beautiful - this will be reprinted, and I trust in a National magazine.
Love the cross shape of the poem and the words are just as powerful! Keep up the good work.
Very moving! I loved the way you wrote this-inspiring.
Wow - very cool (I had thought about doing something visual like this, but it didn't work with the direction mine took).