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Something happened in transition to the shape of the poem. The last two verses with four lines each were to stand alone. Author
Interesting. This made me want to cry--where would I be if it were all untrue? How blessed we are that the ending is what it is.
Great Poem. A Fav!
The first line sure got my attention and it was kept. Whew, was I glad to get to the last two stanzas.

Excellent writing!
What a faithful reminder of why God sent His son to us. Well done!
My first thoughts were -"Why would an atheist enter a FW weekly challenge?"...but then. Wow! great job! Beautiful poetic words and rhythm. loved it!
My first thought was WOW, forget catching someone's attention with the first sentance. Let's use the entire entry to do that!!! Grand job!!
Is that last stanza a seven-candle menorrah, lying on its side, with the "Servant Candle" at the center? Or, is my imagination just working overtime? This is powerful poetry, for sure.
Very nice indeed! :)
Well-written and thought-prvoking poem! Your approach is definitely effective!
I always enjoy your poetry and this is no exception,
Oh Verna, I just read this and was so moved. I had to reread the title because when I first read the few stanzas I was offended because I was feeling on the defense for my faith in my Saviour. What an awesome poem. I love,love,love this hon. Lord bless your tremendous gift. Thank you so much. Thank God that His Word is true and we have a Savior whom we can put our trust in completely knowing He is our all in all. Praise the Lord!Hallelujah!Janie
I meant to say Janice not Janie as the addressee,lol. Again, great job.