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You know, I really liked this article. As far as the technical things go, please watch your comma splices. I know you were being truthful in your narrative. Thanks for your transparency. I know it is a difficult thing to do.
You can say it has'nt done alot of good except that it has in that now you see what you asked God to show you, and He has. I imagine He was pleased at your asking Him to reveal these things in you, and knew you had it in you to do what you needed to to change. I know I need to ask Him that very same thing for many reasons, including the one you've referenced here. A very well written and complete piece, but even more, it ministers. God bless you
I love the honest, self-searching tone of your article. I am so often convicted as well when I read everyone's entries for these topics, especially lately (I was truely humbled by the SELFISHNESS entries). Anyway, I thought you submitted a very well-written, thoughtful piece that will stick with me. Very nice job!
Great job. Even just getting it on paper/screen works one towards the goal of letting go.
Wow you really nailed how we all have some form of prejudice bordering on favoritism! It took me a long time to realize we all have our specialities, things we believe passionately in and wonder why others don't share our views! I work a lot among the wealthy and I do see how they give and inspire, often in a quiet way. And we need all kinds of help, don't we? The introspective view here was great and well written.
I can relate to that. Ask anyone, especially my sister. She would probably say that I was down-right snobby when standing up for someone in the "out crowd". I always did. Like you, I had to search my heart and the Scriptures to see my sin. I was encouraged, thank you.
Thanks for the good reminder ... how often we get so focused on one area instead of staying focused on God that we get unhealthily off-balanced. You've reminded the reader well of the importance of keeping our times with the Lord top priority. May God continue to make you into the well balanced person of His as He is clearly already doing ... stunned mullet expression notwithstanding :-)
When we realize that perhaps we are not doing what God wants us to do in the way He wants us to, and we turn to Him for help, He reveals to us where we have failed. Having had that revelation you have taken steps to do something about it. That is certainly a step closer to Christ.
This is great stuff, Karen! I've had similar revelations. It takes time to change underlying attitudes. I think the key to change is to be exactly where you are, humbled by the unmerited love and favor of God. Glad you shared this!
Karen, congratulations on placing 8th in the Editors' Choice and on receiving a Level 2 Highly Commended Award, on what was a very highly competitive week for that level. Well done! You certainly should consider moving up to Level 3 now. With love, Deb
Whoops - Karen, I should have mentioned that I'm the Challenge Co-ordinator ... otherwise that comment about moving up sounds a bit rude. Love, Deb
thoughtful, and probing.... i love the way you write girl. You must bring a smile to the fathers heart as you do to mine. congratulations...
it is always life changing when God gives us a look at ourselves from His viewpoint. Great entry! Congratulations!