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Truth is the best policy, right? Okay, so I got bogged down for the first few paragraphs - in short, bored! However, I'm glad I made it through (even though I was just scanning) - because it had an Excellent "wrap up". In fact to use the topic word, a "GREAT finish"! Nicely done.
You are definately not afraid to express what God has shown you. Keep working it, refining it. I enjoy fresh writing and I know I will be reading more or your work. Listen to all of your critiques and learn from them so your story will flow with no speed bumps. God Bless you.
Enjoyed it from the very first paragraph. As amazing as these facts were now they say that 90 percent of our universe is missing. They can't find it. But our Great God moves in and through it. I loved the way you established God's greatest by His creation. Wow!

By the way, they don't know what power holds the atoms together, but is by the power of God that all things consist [hold together] Lets just stop and praise Him right now! Good writing!
I experienced a joyous laughter when reading your story about my God's greatness. Thanks.
From one quark to another, this is really, really good.
Liked it. Loved it. These are the things that amaze me about our God, too. Cool idea here. Keep up the good work!
I too stumbled a bit through all the details at the beginning ... but the end was great. How awesome that one so GREAT could love us ... quarks. ;)