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The eight beat line is commendable, the rhythm disturbed me a little, but a pretty good effort overall for a closed form poem.
Your story in this is good.
It is hard to read, and I think if you had separated the last two lines of each stanza from the first three each time it would have made it easier.
What a beautiful image of Christ, the Lantern, the Light of the world! The steady but difficult and slow progression from dark to light is very effective, and very realistic. Change often comes that way, although we always want to be 'quick change' artists. God's way is the best way. Great message in this lovely poem!
I loved this! I really love this. The struggle, the darkness, almost giving in, the light. I think it's a beautiful picture you've painted.
Unknowns, shadows, light,'s all here! I'm picturing one of my Grandpa's old oil lantern with the glass globe...a steady and reassuring flame when surrounded by darkness.

Good job, Laurie!