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Beautiful, moving and true
How ambitious, to attempt to portray the thoughts of Jesus during His crucifixion--and I think you've done a splendid job. I imagine that this was hard to write. The last stanza was magnificent.
Oh, yes, what an intense and stirring poem! The line 'No moment of suffering in vain' is simply profound. That is so true for every believer as well as for Christ in His moments of deepest anguish. Entering the thoughts of Christ on the Cross is a life changing experience. You, dear writer, have led us there. Thank you.
Wow! And wow! What an inspired piece of work! So many poignant parts - 'No moment of suffering in vain.' - is my favorite.

You did a difficult and precious piece very, very well and very skilled.
This was very powerfully and well written!

Thank you for sharing.
Yes, this line is my favorite, too:
"No moment of suffering in vain." This whole thing moves the reader to emotional depths...beyond facts and happenings to the reality of RESPONSE to those facts and happenings. Awesome job. You've captured volumes here in just a few stanzas!

Very moving - so well done. Thanks :)