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Nice conclusion to parts one and two
I don't get it. I must be missing something, because I didn't understand this situation at all. I read it three times, which was not a chore, because the writing is first-rate--excellent, in fact. Must be just me...I'll definitely read more of your work, once I find out who you are!
This writer needs to move up to the advanced level. He (or she) is very talented. When I realized this was the 3rd of a trilogy I searched and read part 1 and 2. I know who Max is, but I don't understand why the story ends with both father and son in a cemetery?
Author's Note:
I hope it's okay that I'm sending this message through this medium - I know this is not a discussion board, but...
This is a work still in progress.
I did not mean to confuse anyone...just thought I'd try something new.
Hi David.

Just wanted to leave a quick note here about your entries. You are an excellent writer, and if you are using the Challenge as a tool to build the Covenant story, that's fine. But basically, serialised Challenge entries don't work. Each entry needs to be complete and stand alone. The judges are different every single week, so they probably haven't been following the story and may be confused. If they have been following the story, then the title alone will blow the anonymity factor out of the water.

The other problem with serialised entries is that if one happens to place in the Editors' Choice, that means it will be published in the anthology. This would be a major problem, because where FW members can pop back and read your old entries to work out the story, anyone reading the book doesn't have that option. Most would be left like Jan in her comment above was--scratching their heads and wondering if they've missed something.

So if you are happy to use the Challenge purely as a tool to build a story using the weekly topics, that's fine. However, if you want to win, then you need to make each story completely self-contained, and change the titles.

Most important thing of all--keep writing. You are very good! With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator and Editor, FaithWriters' Magazine)