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I like this--very creative! I like the parallel of US being used by The Author of life.
I like the idea of being used up as she served - gradually shrinking because she was giving of herself
This is such a marvelous picture that you have painted for us of our lives and our future in the hands of the Master Writer of Heaven. Wonderfully done. Thank you.
I really loved this! Thank you for not "explaining" your story to the readers, but letting the "aha" moments dawn on us. I like the pencil's thoughts on pain / reward. These sorts of stories--with "thinking" inanimate objects--usually leave me cold, but this one was excellent.
Wow! Very creative writing here!
What a beautiful picture. I guess we are like that pencil in God's hands. The reader thinks about what she would look like right at this moment if she was seen as a pencil. How long would I still be? How would I look? I love new pencils, but it would be tragic to live for Jesus 45 years and still look new.It reminds us of the great honor we have been given, to be used up and then join all those who had been used up ahead of us.
Yes, yes, yes! So very creative - such a wonderful messages. Great stuff here and a joy!