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A good story. I liked the bit about the helper becoming the helpless. You showed how easy it is to let things slide. A clear space between paragraphs makes it easier to read. The last line has me confused - who is "honey"? I thought the phone call would be from Tricia.
I read thru this twice and still don't know who "honey" was. I agree that spacing between paragraphs would make for an easier read.
I appreciate the comments on the spacing between the paragraphs. Thankyou.

The idea behind the ending is simple. We are incredibily adept at deceiving ourselves.In spite of the most sincere beckonings of common sense and spiritual guidance from friends, it is possible for us to fool ourselves into justifying any behaviour. That's scary but true.

In Sam's case, he had hurt his family by betrayal and negligence. Sam had been deeply upset but his sorrow didn't go deep enough to change his heart.

Perhaps I should have continued the article.

In any case, thankyou once again for your perceptive and helpful comments.

Stanley McMahon