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Great story for the break theme! Good job. :-)
Really great writing! I'd have liked to know more about what this soldier felt about his weapons. Did he ever wonder about their unconventionality? Your word choices are great--makes for riveting reading.
What a great story brought to life. I've not heard this story in a long time. It seems like a lot of info for such a short piece though. Have you thought about expanding it into a full-length short story? I'd enjoy reading it because your writing style is clear and direct. Just a thought!
One of my favorite stories! A joy to read this account! Excellent!
Very well writtem. As others have suggested I think this could be expanded upon. Good job.
I'm not as familiar with this story as I should be, but I enjoyed the writing and the telling of it.
Great job, Shari! Your writing has a really nice flow to it - it's so easy to follow. I, too, would've liked more of this soldier's perspective on the strange orders. This was a great take on the topic, though, and your title is brilliant (even though I didn't get your hint right away. Duh!)
Well done, Shari! I would like to see this a first person account. What was he thinking, feeling at this time? Any doubts, fear, faith? Cool idea and wonderful title!
This is very well written. Polished, smooth, balanced. A great retelling of this story.
A rewrite of the Gideon story, and you made it so exciting! A wonderful read of a great Bible Story, and written brilliantly. (I do believe you meant "pierced" instead of "pieced", however) I love Bible stories, they never cease to connect, challenge and increase my faith! Thanks!
How neat is that! I was just watching "The Sons of Israel" series and it was talking about this very thing! Well written, Shari! I enjoyed!