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Now that's one I haven't heard before. I never knew you weren't supposed to bring a stranger's china into the house and I have quite a bit of it! YIKES. A bit of application at the end would tie this all together.
A new one for me too. We live and learn.
A brilliant Write, and an enjoyable Read! Loved it! It was short, sweet and to the point! It doesn't take hundreds of words to send a message, make a point, or cover the topic! Kudos! Great Job!
ps: I forgot was PERFECT. Couldn't find any boo-boo's, errors, or typos. (Smile/ms)
Note from the author: Just to clarify (re-read the first sentence), it was only Patty's grandmother who was superstitious about other people's dishes. Patty's husband obviously didn't mind, leaving Patty caught in the middle :)
I'm really late reading this, but I think it would make a good story if it were expanded. If you haven't already, maybe you should consider it again. Good job.
Wonderful first entry. I would love to read an expanded version of this story. I think it could even be expanded into a novella. Is it true, that some believe, you should not bring a strangers china into your home?
I can see your voice in here - you have certainly grown, but you haven't stopped being the delightful writer you started out as. :)