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These days, we're all learning to be more patient.
This essay definitely fits the current times. I think many can relate to this situation. You make a point of trying to look for the best in a bad situation. That's a great message for the times. So many are overwhelmed by these difficult situations. I'd encourage you to expand on your thoughts. Paint a picture by adding conflicts, dialog, thoughts, body language, and switching up sentence structures. If you go back and count, I bet you'll be surprised how many times you used the word I (especially to start a sentence). This is just an example of how I might suggest to edit it to include some of the things I mentioned:
There have been many times in my life when I've failed. Even though I've felt overwhelmed and terrified, I had to make the choice to pick myself up and continue my life. Words tumbled out of my mouth. "You can do this. You may not have a job right now, but God still has plans for you."
Sighing and brushing back tears, I gritted my teeth and kept busy with chores, writing daily, knitting hats for the community, and drew pictures to help release the tension that had built up in my shoulders, making them ache. This pandemic has been hard on everyone. No one is truly alone.

I know I took a lot of liberties, but wanted to show how a few tweaks can make a big difference. There's an old saying, show, don't tell and by adding things like this, you paint a picture for your reader. You have a great foundation started here. If you keep writing, reading, and commenting on other articles, you'll blossom and find it easy to paint a picture with your words. You make some wonderful points. I truly look forward to reading more of your work.

Keep writing! Keep growing! You have awesome potentials