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You have a good article here but it needs editing. If you read this aloud you will hear what needs to be fixed. Be encouraged. The article is worth spending time fixing.
Your friend sounds like a very special person and your are blessed to have him in your life!
What a nice friend and accountability partner. This is on topic, but I think it could be a little better if you could be more specific about his generosity and perhaps take out a few things that aren't related to his generous ways. Just a suggestion. Keep writing.
Good story lines of the generosity of your friend. Could be tightened up a bit.
Thank you for your submission. In difference to the above critiques, I found this article flowed very well. I truly enjoyed every paragraph as I read it for the first time. I guess, later, we can pick apart the editing, but the first time through has to hit if off...and I thought it was great! It made me think of other people I know like "your friend" and how they blessed me.
This is a nice homage piece to your friend. I suspect he would have a few nice things to say about you. You made some good observations and told an interesting story.
You have told a great story about your friend.

There are a few places that need to be re-worded to make them a bit clearer. You might want to consider having someone else read over it for you. Often, things make perfect sense in our head, but then they aren't as clear to others.

You have a great start here. Keep writing.