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Thank you for this lovely piece. It is so true about seeking success in our work, and trying to find a reason for what we do. I've found that God has taught me so many things in all my different jobs,and that each skill has formed a useful tapestry in each new situation. I've also realised how much greater my abilities are when for God's work. He adds on top of our abilities so that He is evident in the outcome.
You showed the difference between a successful career from a worldly perspective and a life worthwhile in the eyes of God. I'm sure your article inspires people to stop feeling a failure and enjoy what they're doing.

I loved reading this - what a valuable perspective. Thank you for sharing such a blessed c.v. - it brought to mind the varied talents of the Godly Woman of Proverbs 31!
I enjoyed this. You are right that sometimes it can be good to have more than one speciality. Though I loved being an RN in Maternity, God had other plans for me. I never dreamed id one day become an author, let alone an editor. Follow God's leading is the wonderful message I received from your inspired piece.
I liked this article a lot. It demonstrated how God can lead us down many paths in life for His will. I would have enjoyed a specific illustration or two of how God has utilized these many talents for His glory. Overall, nice job.
Indeed you are NOT a failure. In fact, in addition to all your other talents, you are an
excellent writer.
You make such a great point and you do it with clarity and a genuineness that is refreshing. And, the point you make is excellent. Well done!
Great message, I loved your closing thought. It reminded me how God doesn't let us sit in our comfort zones, but keeps moving us into new things. Very inspiring piece!
Amen. You are truly a woman of many talents. Ha. A good message. Things to God are never what they seem like to the world. Heaven's perspective is a whole lot better.
I can identify with this inspiring message. God uses us for His purpose. We never really know what that purpose is until we look back at our achievements and say "Thank you God for using me". You have accomplished so many things that you are a winner all the way.
Congratulations LaVonne,

God bless~