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Sometimes we agree to God's word without truly counting the cost; at the time, it seems like it will be easy to carry through on our promise. I like how you illustrate this truth by using ordinary, everyday life. We have to remember that God is concerned with every little thing about us, not just the big things! I really like your entry.

Sweet, down-to-earth account of married life regarding submission to our spouse. It's hard when those vows get in the way! :) Good job! Joanne
A very insightful look into God's Word and practicle application.
Very real.
A great reminder of the God-given model for marriage ... obeying your husband, in not just the soppy romantic notions but in the reality of everyday life. It's lovely that the husband also listened to the desires of his wife and took seriously her desire for a family. To be honest, as an 'older' single, your article made me appreciate even more the freedom that singleness brings. That probably wasn't your aim, but God used it just when needed - thanks for being used by God in my life, at least, and I'm sure others too.
I enjoyed this very realistic snapshot of where the rubber meets the road in marriage, Debbie. Obedience is a daily struggle, not a one-time vow. God bless!