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Beautiful poem with significant meaning...Touched my heart. Thank you. God Bless~
This read like a Sunday School lesson with the richness of His words throughout.
Loved the title and the poem was exquisite. Thank you for sharing.
You did a lovely job of summing up the promises Christ has made to us. What beautiful and comforting words these are.

My only red ink would be to look and see how many times you used the word banquet. Sometimes I'll challenge people to try and write on topic without using topic words. It's not easy to do but I believe you have the talent to do just that.

The last line really grabbed at my heart. It really sums up your message and God's promise.
Your writing touched my heart also. So many comforting promises from God's Word. My only "red ink" (if you can call it that) is that this reads like a beautiful piece of prose that was broken into lines to make it poetry. That doesn't take away from your ability to convey your thoughts into words, however. I enjoyed this tremendously.