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An interesting view of the topic. Good storytelling. I enjoyed reading it.
I really enjoyed your story of the prisoner facing death. It is movingly and well written. Thanks.
Wow - great job with this unique piece. A very different approach to the topic at hand. Well-written, and riveting. Thanks.

God bless~
This is the lot of many in Muslim countries today. and it will again be the lot of many who turn to the Savior during the Tribulation. Thank you for the reminder that the martyrs of the Roman Empire are not nor will be the last of the martyrs for God. It makes me ask, "Would I be strong enough to face hunger, torture and death for the testimony of my Lord if that time comes for me?"

This is a well-written twist on the topic and your paragraphs are tied together appropriately.
A riveting article and you were right on target. You did an excellent job in telling the story and it fit together so perfectly. Thank you and God bless.
Wow! This was riveting. I couldn't wait to keep reading. You created a fantastic conflict from the very beginning and added to it right up to the ending resolution.

I noticed one tiny POV shift when the emperor feigned ignorance. That would call for the MC to be able to read the emperor's mind. I realize the word count limited you but if you had shown what feigning ignorance looked like through the eyes of the MC then there wouldn't have been the shift. For example The emperor refused to look at the gaping sores on the prisoner's body.

I will admit the POV shift was so tiny that a month or so ago I'd never had noticed but it is something someone pointed out in my story so it's something I'm working on myself.

This story is masterfully written. You managed to bring the character to life and I felt like I was right there watching it unfold. This is a brilliant story and one that would be perfect for a teen Sunday School class. It is exciting to read and would be the perfect way to get kids to really understand the Bible story. I hope this story does well and that you might pursue publication opportunities. Great read and wonderful bit of writing.

God bless~
CONGRATULATIONS on your well-deserved E.C. for this sobering, inspiring, and finely-written story! :)
Congrats Jenna. I did not get time to read any of the entries last week so trying to catch up. This is a great story and you told it wonderfully. I couldn't stop reading. It is also a very needed and appropriate reminder to all Christians about the seriousness of our Faith, and the persecutions that many will yet face. May we all have such strengh of courage as the hero in your story. Thank you.