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The Lord will always open a door, and provide for our needs according to His will. And, this was a prefect example of such.

I loved the interaction with the husband and wife. I loved the devoted wife who prayed for her husband, and how she lovingly fed Him scriptures for strength.

Excellent! Thank you.

God Bless,

Is awesome when the Man of God listens to the Woman of God when they both listen TO God.

They are some small proofing errors that could easily be fixed. Very good story:)
Love this! This is a well organized, thought provoking piece on an often ignored subject. Thank you for writing this! I hope you get published soon.
This is a sweet story. I could relate to the MC. Often I want to lovingly smack my husband in the head when I have something I need to talk about and he snores just light enough to mock me, ha ha I'm asleep and you're not. The Bible verses were a great supplement to your story.(Just make sure you note what translation from the Bible you are quoting. Nice job from beginning to end.
Congratulations for placing 10th in level two!
Good story. You have a good flow to your writing; the dialogue in this story is excellent. I enjoyed this piece.