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I enjoyed this nicely done free flowing poem. The message is clear and so very true. It was a joy to read. Thank you!
God Bless~
Very nicely done! I liked the scripture you wove into the poem. Well done.
I think you covered the topic in a creative way.

Make sure your nouns match your verbs Ex Psychic brag should be Psychic brags or Psychics brag.

You did a splendid job of weaving the scriptures into this piece. Your words were poignant and the references really backed up your message. Nicely done.
Nice poem, and I think you covered the "water front," (remember the movie). I enjoyed the read.

I love the term "Information Highway." Did you stay on topic? Most of the time. In some stanzas, you left Spam and went in a differnt direction (Stanzas 6,7,8). Creative and unique? Your use of scripture to emphasize your points was quite unique. How well crafted? In this area, I felt you were somewhat weak.(Just my opinion):-)In some areas, I think you sacrificed clarity for rhyme.

Ex. "Cupped, they're full of your fears - "His love wipes away all your tears."

Although you went off track at times, you left the reader with a few spiritual bones to chew on.