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This entry isn't what I expected; interesting bent. I liked it. I especially liked the way you used the story, itself, as a salvation message. Good job!~
I really enjoyed your steps and the Bible references. I believe someone could easily use this to find salvation themselves Below is my take on the rating criteria on a scale from 0-5

Topic 2.0 Though you talked about search and actually used the phrase search engine it was supposed to be about the computer. Check the message boards for clarification of the topic if you're not sure. Also try to challenge yourself by showing the reader what the topic is without using the actual words "search engine"

Creativity 3.7 I really liked how you laid it out in clear simple terms.

Crafted: 3.3 This was well-written.

Start: 3.3 You drew me in wondering why the MC couldn't sleep. I wanted to keep reading.

End: 3.5 I liked how you wrapped everything up.

Flow: 4 I really thought each step flowed nicely.

Communication: 3.5 This was a great testimony of your journey with Christ.

Publishable 3.5 I think this would be great for people who also are searching.
This was a beautifully written entry. I loved the message and the way you did soul searching. And at the end- the "whole meaning in life"- His presence/Spirit.

I hope the judges give credit for "imagination" and not just the rote meaning of "Search engine"

Well crafted and I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you and keep on writing - God Bless you~
This entry's strength is criterion #6 (communication, clarity). You laid it out so that the message rings very clearly.

You might want to work on #3 (craft). This would be more readable in a narrative style, or if you helped us to get to know YOU better.

Another strength is #1 (topic). You used the topic as a metaphor, and it worked for me.
What an interesting and enjoyable read. Love the way you laid out your search step by step. This would be a wonderful testimonial story put in a pamphlet to pass out to the lost. Great job!
I truly enjoyed your seven steps. This was well written, but like my entry didn't deal with computer search engines.