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I think you make several valid observations. You've definitely tuned down your anger which I think will help you get your points to more people (although I can still feel anger in your words) My biggest complaint is the generalizations-not all pastors preach in the way you described nor will you ever convince me that all divorce is wrong. Jesus loves us and forgives us when we ask and repent. It is not our place to judge anyone for only God knows their hearts. Keep writing and know that I am praying that you will find peace and the release you are searching for. God bless.
This is a fiery piece, what I call a 'pulpit pounder'. My heart hopes that it was written as a passionate article and not a rant borne of personal experience and pain. If it IS a response to personal pain, I'm so very sorry.

A couple of 'run on sentences', but that may be intentional, for effect?
This was strongest on criterion #6 (communication and clarity). You obviously have strong opinions on this matter, and you communicated them clearly.

The weakest one would probably be #2 (unique and fresh). I've read several of your entries; you seem to have a clear agenda, but I wonder if a contest that's primarily about stretching your writing skills is the best forum? You're clearly a good writer; I'd love to see you branch out into entries that demonstrate your creativity.

You used the topic (#1) in an effective way. Good job.
Wow, this is powerful.

There are many faults in organised Christianity; sometimes I feel physically ill when I think of the abuse that has occurred by those in higher places, especially when the hierarchy don't take appropriate steps to support the victims but rather try to sweep it under their sacred carpets.

I do honestly believe though that the majority of churches are truly seeking God and wanting to worship him as best we can in this broken world. We are human, after all, and have to trust that our puny efforts of worship and following God are acceptable to him - but even this is because we have Jesus' sacrifice and blood to cover us.

I applaud your courage and passion; we desperately need people with a heart for the things of God who aren't afraid to make a stand to keep us on the 'straight and narrow,' especially with the lurings of the WWW and its info-overload.

Blessings to you.
I can sense your hatred of divorce in this piece. If this is a true story I thank God for your deliverance from homosexuality. You are so critcal of all churches and my heart aches for you. I wold rather go to church and hear the Living Word of God preached. After all we are all sinners and cannot judge fairly. Only God can judge us rightly. He sees our hearts.
Congratulations for ranking 6th in level 2!