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This is a well written poem with concise use of words to communicate your message. Keep up the great work!
This brought tears to my eyes. Very good job. On topic, wonderful flow from start to end. So moving to recall how the answers are right there in our Bibles. Even in technology is down, we can ALWAYS pick up our bible. Keep writing more.
Beautifully written and more important the meaning that God is our everything-computers will crash-new ones come along, so on and so forth. But, God is our ever constant presence,and never changes - he is always there. I loved this!

Keep on writing you clearly have the gift. Nice job. God Bless you~
Very good at criteria #3 (on topic)--you found the way to make a very contemporary topic timeless.

I'd consider this somewhat weaker on criteria #2 (unique, fresh, memorable), as it's the sort of poem that we often see here. Consider adding some sort of unexpected twist or fresh language to make your poetry stand out.

Another strength: #6 (communication, clarity). This poem communicates beautifully, and touches the readers' hearts.
A lot can be said for simplicity. It's often underated. Your work here is simple, but lovely. It is a good entry for the challenge and I think would do well on point #8, publishable.

This is really lovely and spoke to my heart. I liked how you used the search engine and God as a search engine. There have been a few others with this message but you did a nice job. I did struggle understanding the line with interview in it, but overall enjoyed this.
I really liked this, the beauty of that old bible will never fade and its truths never change or waver with whatever is politically correct at the moment! It truly is the best search engine in existence! I wholeheartedly agree with Mona, simple often has a powerful impact as did your poem! Its simple truth just simply connects with the heart of the reader! This was a joy to read! Good job! Blessings!
This is a beautiful heart felt poem. Thank you for sharing.