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Your story touched my heart and I truly enjoyed reading it. He is the only one who can truly change our outlook on life and then bless us with a talent that is distinctly our.
A dream come true for many on this site. Lovely crafting of a heart warming story.
From the description of the table to the pen this was such a well crafted piece, precisely cut and polished. Just like them so are we, in the hands of the Craftsman, if we let Him. Beautiful piece and yes, a glimpse into the day that many of us long for.:) But even more than that day, do I long to hear my Heavenly Father say, "Well done." God bless you!
This is an outstanding story. I found myself eager to keep reading. You packed a big story in only 750 words.

My only suggestion might be to break your paragraphs into maybe 3 or so smaller ones. Sometimes with a short story if a reader sees long paragraphs they might feel overwhelmed and skip your story.

That would be a shame and a huge loss for the reader. You did an excellent job crafting lovely sentences that were well-written.

I also really enjoyed the characters and the descriptions were lovely. For the most part you showed instead of tell the story, although once in a while I could feel it shifting toward more telling than showing. I think that shows you've been working hard at doing more showing. Although perhaps some more dialog would help the showing I still think your hard work is paying off big time. Outstanding job!
A really good solid story which I found very interesting and thought was well written. Thanks!
fantastic! is it a true story or a ambition or a dream......whichever of these it is perfect!