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I enjoyed this so much. In this day and age no matter the situation a child of our Lord will do the right thing. In that you find the greatest treasure of all. Great story.
It's always how you live the "dailies" that make the difference in the lives of those who really know you and your "inner person." Your deterination to do the right thing shows that integrity shining through, which can't fail to make an impression on your kids. Well-told tale; I felt the same frustration as this mom, trying to make ends meet in a sad economy.
I know from experience that the emotions your protagonist has over trying to make ends meet are authentic. What a temptation she was faced with, yet her "inner person" chose to reject doing the dishonest thing. Sometimes our greatest challenges are in everyday circumstances. Good writing!
I like the story a lot, it was well-written; and a situation that really does show what we are inside, when nobody can see. In one spot I think you may have meant to write 'make do' rather than 'make due'. In the last challenge, I made a few little mistakes and think it may have cost me placing in at least third place. I appreciated someone pointing them out to me so I'll proof read better next time. Good job otherwise!
This is a great story. I had a similar experience and when I notified the store I was told to keep the item for my honesty. It always pays off in the long run to do the right thing. Great lesson.
You've written a story that so many of us can relate to.
Great, easy-reading style and the pefect ending. God Bless.
I really appreciated this story, for both the message and the professionalism with which you wrote. You are a gifted writer and I loved your choice of words!

I, too, have been in the situation that your MC faced. It's SO easy to rationalize doing wrong, isn't it? Glad you had your MC make the right choice!

I truly enjoyed reading this story. You drew a vivid picture of a single mother scrambling to makes ends meet, and the temptation, when all is said and done, to cheat on one's principles out of pure exhaustion. Very well written
Good job and great story! I'm so glad the mc did the right thing. God bless you.
I'm glad that Molly made the right choice!
Well told, well written, well done! :) Congrats on your third place win!