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The diary is a suspenseful tale of danger and intrigue.

I did question if someone would be able to survive outside in June and May in Antarctica. That would be their winter months when it would be super cold and dark most of the time.

I liked how you subtlety wove the topic throughout the different entries. Keep on writing!
You have GOT to be a published author just brushing up on this site! This is the most suspenseful, wonderfully written article I've read...perhaps ever on this site. Totally being honest (I do fear God):) this writer's opinion, this deserves to be in Masters and a win at that.
One more thing...this was so riveting, I burned my potatoes while trying to cook and read this. :)
Wow what a story! Practically Jack London ish! Good job.
You exceeded the theme dramatically. May God Bless you, Ruth
Original for sure. Kept my attention.
I'm not sure if it didn't stray from the topic a little? But it was oh so interesting and entertaining. Bravo!
I liked the suspense and the drama was over the top (in a good way, of course). Well done!
Filled with so much suspense and danger. I was riveted to my chair unable to move until I read the whole thing. Great job and well written.
Very well done!
Congratulations in placing in the top 8 of your level.