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This is sooooo much fun.

Your creativity is very evident here.

Your title drew me in and I am so glad. Thanks for the smiles.
This gave me the biggest laugh! So well written and wonderfully funny. I just love the Dr. describing the family, one of my favourites was "Peewee a.k.a. Family Dog a.k.a. Canis Morpho – Powers include the ability to morph into any other species of animal, making him a very versatile pet. Arch nemesis is Catwoman, Felix the Cat, Garfield, etc."

I want to know why Joe's mother lives in "and evil lair". Oh, and the Martha Stewart curtains was just priceless. I definitely want to read more about the adventures of the Cooks!

You certainly have a way with humour. Well done, very well done indeed.
What a creative piece! Love it! Looks like you had lots of fun writing it for this week!
I laughed all the way through this. What a splendid spoof on interferring MILs. Well done, WELL DONE!
You have a GREAT sense of humor! I love this--it's highly entertaining.

Some commas needed here and there, especially when addressing a person. And I spotted at least one stray apostrophe.

Super title, fun entry. My favorite on this level.
Sounds like a fun spin-off from The Incredibles. You composed many clever lines, and your timing is just right. This is both clever and very creative.
Oh, you are soooo creative! Love the humor and hope to hear more from the "Cooks."
A very hilarious piece of work with mixture of superheroes from DC and Marvel, plus the unknown. I particularly like the part of Joe playing poker on Friday nights with Batman and The Incredible Hulk, and the never teleporting to see grandma. Thank you for putting more than a smile to my face! (",)
This is so funny, right when I needed a good chuckle.

Love the voice. I want to know more of the story--episode 2 perhaps, maybe in the family pet area?

Very entertaining.
Great job, Josh! The Incredibles meets Monster Inlaw. Very clever...
This is very creative and a delightful read. Great job.
Super funny, Josh. Get you a new car - and your brain only thinks "smiles". How great is that? :) Thanks for the light-hearted entry on a much too heavy-hearted topic for many. :]
It looks like you were having fun writing this piece and it shows. Well done.
:-) That ending is hilarious!
ROFL! I am still laughing here, I want episode two! What happens next in this delightfully crazy family? I felt bad for the mom, it's not her fault-and besides...ironing underwear whether its outside or inside...she should hire a maid. After all, when a superhero gets a reward here and there it adds up to quite a bit...she should be able to afford a maid. lol. Excellent-and super-creative! ^_^
Oh, you made me laugh today. "Your mother hates me Joe! She’s my arch nemesis for crying out loud!" "evil lair". I'm going to be laughing about this for weeks. THIS is the humor I just couldn't find for my entry this week. Don't iron the underwear Spyder!
This must have been a lot of fun to think and write. Good job.




This is beyond funny, creative and imaginative.

WOOOOHOOO JOSH!!! Move on up to Advanced!!! Congratulations!
This is fantastic, Josh! And I've saved a seat in Advanced just for you. Great job, my friend !
Congrats Buddy! Great piece!
Outstanding Josh! Congratulations!
Congrats! You are on the fast path! Looking forward to more installments of the Cook family sagas!
Congratulations! Great job!!
This was a definite fav for me this week. So creative and so funny! Well deserved win!!
Congratulations on your 1st place! So happy for you!!!!
Too fun! I laughed right out loud. Move on up again, Josh!! Congrats and hugs.
Congratulations! What a wonderful story! I laughed and laughed. Well gotta, the irons hot and my husband's underderwear are waiting.
OH MY!!!!!! No WONDER this did so well. You, my friend, will NOT be in advanced long. FIRST in your level AND 12th overall? Incredible!
Well desrved win, Josh. Too funny!
Congratulations on your 1st place, Josh. I knew this was good. SO funny.
A complete hoot! I admit to picturing the Paar family from "The Incredibles" as I read this. I guess I can see the point about ironing the underwear if it's worn on the outside...but since ironing is against my religion I still wouldn't do it!
Great job!
Well-deserved first place! Awesome job! Superbly funny! Blessings, Cheri
Hehe, not sure how I missed reading this story. This must have been a blast to write and was fun to read, too!
I'm laughing out loud at this piece. It is wonderful. Keep on writing their saga. :-)