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Oh I just love Ugfug and Mate. I believe I met them once before. I just love the descriptions especially about Ugfug resisting the urge to present the spear point first to Mate's father. Very, very clever and funny entry on the topic. Well done!!
I love how you referenced the in-laws as "father-of-mate" and "mother-of-mate." For some reason, I find this entry to be very fresh in terms of idea. I haven't read too many caveman type stories here on FaithWriters.

This was a true pleasure to read. I hope this places high, because it's a really good story.
I found the opening quite captivating and enjoyed seeing the character of Ug develop. I did find the changes in time and scene signified by the asterisks as too abrupt. Though I think going with the "translations" instead of the original "language" in the conversation between the two would serve the story better, I certainly appreciated your tongue-in-cheek humor.
Priceless, and extremely original! I wouldn't change a thing.
Thanks for the hint, or I may have missed this very fun read.

So many little things you snuck in here that are so clever and witty, like which end of the spear he wanted to give the inlaw father.

Keep writing and thanks for the link to the other Ugfug story.
Creative and fun. I like the transition in attitude from rivals to friends. Mate's parents may just have saved their marriage.
What a great job! You have some very original things in here and you handled them with great skill! I loved it!
What fun! In-laws have been around forever, huh? This was very well written, and a pleasure to read.
So creative--so fun!
ROFL! I loved to see more of their story continuing, and I'm glad that the in-laws were able to be of some 'help' lol, in the end. It was a good ending-nice job! ^_^
Haunch of venison = one spear

Mammoth hide rockspread = Father-of-Mate visit

Adventures of Ugfug = Priceless

Absolutely hilarious though I was waiting for the reference to shopping at Neanderthal-mart. Great job, keep 'em coming!!
So creative! Congratulations on your well deserved win!
Congrats, James - second in your level AND 33rd overall. Great job!
Congratulations on your 2nd place. Loved the dialogue--too funny. Great job with the topic.
What a imaginative story - original and creative and funny and entertaining and good dialogue and...well done. Congratulations!