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Good story but a bit confusing as you went from past to present. I had to go back and read it again. Good descriptive writing.
What a brave story! What a tribute to a mother's faithfulness to her task!
Although a little confusing, the message is strong and clear--and what a message it is. It's sad that this happens so often.
This was sad and powerful at the same time. Situations like these are all too common nowadays.

I thought your title fit the story perfectly, and I enjoyed your word usage. You have a nice vocabulary of words at your disposal, and you aren't afraid to use them to tell your tale.

Thank you for sharing. This was a good read.
Your story is so heart wrenching and your writing expresses it so well. I could feel the hurt and disappointment especially being referred to as "half child." You have a gift for writing with emotion.
Good story, well written. Your ability to express emotion has made me think of how I have sometimes treated my brother's "step"children. This will make me think a bit more from their POV at family gatherings. Thanks. Good job.
This brings back a few memories. Interestingly enough, my stepfather was also named Cliff, and his mother never considered us three older ones her grandchildren. Only our "half"-sister and "half"-brother received Christmas and birthday gifts from her. She never treated us badly otherwise... we just weren't considered her son's children.
"my mother who wore the pain of my relative worth" - WOW! Such a play on words. You have a gift of being expressive in a natural way in your writing. I am grateful to be able to read your material, so I can learn from your example. :)
What a sad thought and to be told literally that, "Half a child". So sad. The back and forth POV's require a slow read, but the ending made it better. Nice job. ^_^
So sad to be thought of like this. Wonderful telling of a sad situation. Great job.
Very good descriptions, and a great portrayal of the situation. This was very vivid.
I concur with the comments above.
After this paragraph, and before returning to the present, a break with *s or -s would help indicate a time change.
"I took a deep breath and willed the words to erupt…"