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Sweet stuff, good job!
I played cards with my grandpa's sister, Aunt Elsie. We usually played Rummy, but some Crazy Eights too! Thanks for stiring such good memories. Great story!
It's difficult to type when your eyes are all blurred and misty - and, believe me, your story caused a Niagara Falls to flow down my cheeks. (The best sign a writer can have is move their reader to emotional tears or laughter And...this you did! Great job!
You've captured a child's grief here very well. How wonderful that her Grandpa was able to talk to her about Jesus. I'm so glad she realised the difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge. Very well written indeed.
This was such a sweet story, and you captured the voice of a child so well...especially with "Amen again". Loved it.
Beautiful message. This illustrated something we talked about in Sunday School today: the richness of a relationship on earth when the participants are united in their relationship with Christ.
Wow I had to fight back the tears. What a tender story. What a wonderful grandfather.

Excellent writing. It really touched me. :)
This is very sweet. Wonderfully done.
Loved everything about this from the title to the ending. Wonderful entry.
I like the flashback structure--it works very well for this story.

Some minor punctuation problems, but nothing that's hugely distracting. Of the child-and-grandparent conversations about Jesus that I've read this week, this one seemed the most realistic. Good job!
A very wise grandfather, indeed. Not only did he live his life for her to see, he made sure he talked to her.
Tender, sweet and wise. The love these two shared shines through in this wonderful story. I liked, too the hope it promises in that they will be together again to play "Crazy Eights" in the garden!
I'm so gladd that Marlee had the chance to rethink and then talk to Jesus. What a different POV from a 9 year old! I liked the title and how you tied it in-great job! ^_^
This is very touching. I had tears in my eyes from the first sentence.

Maybe it's just me--but I was a little confused by the reference to 'youth group.' I thought 'youth group' was for adolescents--not 9-yr olds. Also, some of the dialogue and thoughts seemed a little advanced for a 9-yr old--but then again, I haven't had a 9-yr old in over 8 yrs. :)

Excellent job with the topic.
I love the double-meaning of the title, and how you brought Marlee's character to deepen her relationship with Christ.