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Great admonishment. Thanks for the reminder.
What an interesting article. I am a former Chr-Easter myself. One day I came to stay and haven't look back. I am so glad that I was treated kindly and lovingly, otherwise I don't know what I would've done or where I'd be. I enjoyed your article. Nicely done.
truth least we don't call them Eastmasers...Hey! i was one of them once myself
You make a very good point. I grew up in church, so I see it from the "regular's" point of view. When I was younger, I felt nervous greeting visitors. But after my husband and I finally found a home church when we bought a house, I was suddenly put in the position of visitor. It took awhile, but now we feel right at home and became members there almost a year ago-thanks to loving people greeting us. I make a point of trying to greet all visitors now :)
An interesting essay. Thank you for posting.
Thanks for pointing out this failure on the part of us Christians. Even the Minister sometimes refer to such people in a disapproving manner.
This is also known as, Saved By Works." Regular attenders can sometimes forget they are saved by grace.
oops. I liked your story and adding the song. Nice wrap-up.
Attending church is a wonderful way to grow and fellowship with other Christians, but it is not the only measure of a person's faith. Even those who attend worship services only on special occasions are embraced by our Lord. Our faith is in our hearts, not the church pews. Well done!