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Love the title - will remember that! Your descriptions of the baptism itself were also very strong. A few grammar and spelling errors - but nothing that couldn't be fixed easily. Thank you for sharing your heart!
I needed to understand more about the whys of baptism, by breaking it down like you did has helped me.
I like the narrative style of this, almost as if we are peeking into your soul as you're contemplating and experiencing bapitsm.

This piece has many semicolons where other punctuation would be more correct. A semicolon should only be used to separate two related independent clauses. In other words, the bits on both sides of a semicolon should be able to stand alone as complete sentences.

This entry has a lot of feeling and passion--very nice to read.
Love the title and the sentiment behind it. You really had alot to say in this piece. I am sure without the word limit you could have went into even more depth. Good job, a few typos, the most glaring would be right at the end,(plunge I'm sure). You obviously are passionate about your Christian walk, keep writing.
Your heart came shining through this piece. I will never forget this incredible title either!