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What beautiful humility you showed in the next-to-last paragraph! Thanks for sharing this--we all need to examine ourselves in this mirror.
I really appreciate your words. Sometimes it can be the most difficult thing in the world NOT to say anything. I often find my own "righteous indignation" turns out to be nothing like.

I also appreciate what it's like to have one's religion dragged through the mud. It's been a life's lesson to respond with kindness instead of anger.
A good article, well written describing something we all have had to deal with or will in the future. You wrapped it up nicely at the end. Good job.
Two way street, isn't it. I remain convinced that christians are their own worst enemies they insist on shooting their own. Not a great way to tell that world that Christ is the answer. Thanks for the excellent reminder.
Very well written, very well said, and a purely delightful read. I liked your outlook on what to do, how to react, and "What would Jesus do" attitude. An enlightening and interesting entry. Good job.
Good title. Appreciate your honesty (assuming it is you) and the work of grace displayed in your life through that experience. I think I've learnt something out of this myself. Thanks.
What a true soul-searching article. We can all learn from this.
I very much enjoy reading your work. It's calm and reflective even on a volatile subject like anger. Your writing is polished and lovely.