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Very well written! After reading many entries, this is the first one that actually brought tears to my eyes, since the topic is "sad"... I'm amazed. Bringing emotion to the reader is a sign of a great writer; Thanks & Kudos!
Excellent detail and description and sense of place. A PERFECT fit for the topic.
What I liked most was the touch of the rag doll, introduced early and with a role to play later in the story. That's the touch of a gifted writer.
Very nice story. Heart felt. I liked the way you exceuted the plot. I agree, the use of the image of the rag doll was masterful. I'm impressed. God bless.
You are, indeed, a gifted writer. I also love the special touch the ragdoll added to the story.
I spot a winner in this entry. Masterful story--the rag doll was a great throughout the story. I want to read something longer of this--I want to know what's in store now for Mary Elizabeth ^_^
Really good! It would be a wonderful book! I like your descriptions; they're vivid and clear.
THIS IS WONDERFUL! You are a gifted writer. Your details are vivid. I felt the sorrow and the hope. Great job. I think this is a winner!
Great job! I really enjoyed this one. A lot of sadness involved, but I love that she found some purpose for herself after all. :)
Very touching and well written story. Great work!
Very nice. It was sad, and it nejoyed the read. My only note is you used the name "Mary Elizabeth" so many times I just got tired of it-lol. Try using a few more "She" "Her" etc, to bring the reader closer to the story. Nice job. ^_^
I know it's uncool for an Ozzie guy to admit it, but I had to blink away a tear myself.
This was so good. I've always liked the depth and sensitivity in your writings. Keep it up.
I'm so glad I was able to read this. Like the other commenters, this is a winner in my book. Excellent prose, wonderful pacing. I hope you do expand this, and I would love to read it. Good luck!
This is a wonderful story--truly deserving of the win!
I have one thing to say: I told you so, I told you so! Okay, two things: CONGRATULATIONS! Your entry deserves this win. It was wonderful!
Excellent story! It's layered and real. Well done, and congratulations on your 1st place!
Congrats! This is surely a winner. I love it! Very touching and sad but with sweet hope peeking out from the clouds of heartache Mary Elizabeth walked under. Beautiful! Right on-you surely captured this one with your entry.
Congratulations, Seema, I am thrilled to see this story in FIRST PLACE!!!
Congratulations! ~Gina
***Congrats!*** Way to write!
Congrats Seema on your wonderful story. And on your win... I loved it and know you deserved it. What a beautiful and creative description of SAD.. I guess we meet in Advanced together? You go first!
Congratulations, Seema,for a wonderful, descriptive story. Your writing is beautiful. You deserve your win. God Bless.
I can see why this won. Geat writing and a great story. Your talent shines through. Your plotting, pacing, dialoge and descriptive tags compels the reader to read on...Congratulations on your well-deserved placement!
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME-(yea I am shouting at you!) This was so eliquently written. congratulations on your win. May God continue to bless your writing!
Beautiful, sad but beautiful. Well done
Congrats on your 1st place EC! See you in Advanced!
Congratulations. This is beautifully written. I especially like the effect of the rag doll. Nice job.
Wow I just happened to stumble across this and I'm so glad I did. It's a very powerful and well-written story. I had tears in my eyes, you drew me in right away.