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Your poem is hilarious, and I have to admit, I recognized most, if not all of your references. Your author's note seemed a little dis-jointed. I wonder if it would have worked to write it after the poem. Just a thought! Keep writing. You are definitely creative!
What a fun way to apologize. What a wonderful family group this must be.
This humor piece delighted me! What a fun family! It kind of reminded me of the family of my best friend in high school--they too were large, all musical, and had a lot of fun.

Enjoyed the poem too--I recognized a lot of the music groups in it, at least by name (I was a Cat Stevens fan), and the ones I didn't know I still recognized by the fact they were in written in caps!
Not being American and living away from there many of the references were lost to me, but I enjoyed the writing and the poem and am always happy to get a new slant on things. Thank you for sharing.
That was definitely fun! I enjoyed the title, the intro and the clever poem. You and your siblings must have a grand old time during family reunions. Nice job.
This story and the accompanying poem were certainly FUN! :D I loved the description of musically-challenged Carl and smiled throughout the entire piece! Great job!
Ditto! "That WAS fun"...and I didn't find you until today; thanks for the chuckles and the memories - great way to start the day. With such a big family, no wonder you have a great sense of humor! "Go to, Pauly!"