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I was intrigued by your title and enjoyed reading your story! Music can have such a powerful effect on us, and I'm sure your husband was being blessed by your music whether he acknowledged it or not! Thank you for sharing!
An excellent story and a wonderful testimony to God's saving grace. Nicely done
I had to smile at your attempt at sneaking to turn the music on while he was pumping gas and then at it taking a while for him to figure out what you had done. I have no doubt that Christian music can be a powerful tool. Keep playing that music!
Music can get to a stoney heart when nothing else can. It is a wonderful tool for Christian witness and no one needs to say a word.
Interesting title and wonderful message!

I would like to see the use in this of dialogue, personal names, and more specific details (husband's gestures or facial expressions, specific song played, etc.).

Great use of humor. My favorite line: "There was no escape for him." That made me laugh!
Enjoyed your article. I liked the way you and God won your husband with Christian music. It soothes the soul and leaves a pleasant fragrance all around, even changing the mood. Thanks for sharing.