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where God would have any one individual receive his/her doctrine at any given time in the course of his/her post salvation spiritual life (This is great. God is the only one that knows where we should worship. We need to listen to Him and no one else.)

Although I enjoyed your writing and viewpoints, it didn't seem to fit the topic well enough of shopping. You discuss our need for the right spiritual food, but I think you needed to include more 'seeking' for that spiritual food in your piece, to fit the 'shopping' topic.

In Jesus' Name,

This is a good challenge. I think you stated your purpose very clearly and gave out some good food for thought. I think also that your desire is for Christians to long to grow and you are trying to point them in the right direction to do just that. Good job!
Food for thought--I liked the comparison/contrast with marriage in the first few paragraphs.
Interesting take here on shopping. There is also a danger here of the "compulsive shopper" that should also be brought out. Balancing the negative with the positive. But, all in all, a good piece of writing.