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Very sweet and nicely written.
Good example of kindness here. I loved the scripture used. Good job.
I loved this story! Wonderful descriptions, dialogue, and message! I could see and hear all the characters--young and old alike--they all came alive for me. Delightul, realistic portrayal of the contrasts and similarities between the very young and very old.

I could relate to this because it reminded me of back when my daughters were little and I'd take them with me to volunteer at a nursing home. The people there loved my girls--so long as they were smiling!

Great title, too. Terrific job!
Good story that kept my interest. I love how the children interacted positively with the older people. Nicely done.
A delightful story. The first elderly woman’s character was especially cute. I liked this description: “…his wrinkles rearranging themselves into a smile as he winked at her.”
And this: “I think he might have been shopping for a smile.” Great message too.
Very nice story with good descriptions of the characters involved! I enjoyed the interaction between young and old.
Nice! What a cute reminder to remember to smile a little more throughout our day! My fave part was with the old gentleman that winked and thanked Mandy for smiling. I really appreciated this piece, great writing! ^_^
I loved your very real characters and the descriptions here. The story left me feeling good!
Well done!
Delightful! I love the whole premise of this, and the details - it felt completely realistic!
So Sweet and a wonderful lesson in here. I loved reading this!
Beautiful story, beautiful message! Well done!
Perfect title, and a really enjoyable story. How often I've had my own time table at a store and nearly run down some really great people! You really made these characters believable. Nice work!!
Delightful! Great job!