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You cover a lot of ground from newborn, to church planting, to father being reborn! Two notes: maybe a different (shorter) title and one line I didn't like : "And then, recently, the unthinkable happened." How about: "And then the most wonderful, unexpected thing happened."
It's wonderful to hear of the ways that God has touched your life.

You wrote 'ass' instead of 'as' :P But I suppose you know (sorry for calling that to attention... I couldn't help myself!)

Good to see another Aussie (right?) in the beginners circle. :)
Here's a suggestion: Open with a paragraph introducing the topic of "surrender" (which I love, by the way), then tie in each of your examples (baby girl, church planting, dad). I think it would tie everything together better.

Nice devotional; not many people are comfortable with surrender, and you've done a good job giving us applications of the concept.
Well done. I love the quote about the sunbeam from God. Great message about letting go and letting God. A lesson we can all use.
Thanks for reminding me to let God have His way.
Great piece!
this is not a judgement of your work; but rather a heartfelt thank you for the reminder of surrender. I asked God for the answer to a question in my life this very morning. something that I have been struggling with a long time. I literally said "I need an answer TODAY!" While reading your piece, a peace flooded me. pray with me that I can surrender.

Thank you.
I also noticed the "ass" instead of "as"; but we're all human typists. (Smile.) As for all Commenters who suggested, spoke of, and praised the "SURRENDER" part, I must say you stuck to the SUBJECT AT HAND...SPRING! You did your best to keep that Subject at the forefront. That's good! Personally I thought the first daughter was enough to make the story - and that three stories in one made it too long...that's only MY opinion. BUt good job! Very well written. God Bless
I Love this:
"And, it seems that Annie has known from the beginning that she is a dream fulfilled. Even as a four-pound premie, she came out grinning and hasn’t stopped since. In fact, now, she often squeals in delight—a true sunbeam extending straight from one of God’s smiles."

Excellent Written article with a great lesson in "Letting Go and Let God."

Thank you Christine and Congratulations on 2st Place Winner!
God's Blessing, Helen
A well-thought out piece - and one I definitely needed today. I love the stories you share, perhaps more so because I too am an Aussie. I think you've tied it all together nicely. Congrats on placing in the challenge.