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Such an interesting and inspiring story. WEll done.

God bless~
Interesting and engaging story. I did notice that the town's name switched from Friendship in the beginning to Freedom later on. I wasn't sure if this was intentional or an oversight. Thanks for your entry.
This is a very well written article - full of thought.

We need more Sherees who will promote God through FaceBook and promote the fact that it is God who give us our talent, abilities and interests.

And along with this, we are despising God's gift to us when we do not use the talent, abilities or interests that he has given to us. Shame on us.

Keep writing with your heart in heaven and your eyes in his word.
Oh wow, there is some really good stuff here. With some polishing this could easily be published. I hope to offer some encouraging suggestions towards that end.

When Sheree looked straight into the camera is a powerful moment, and one I would take time to describe in greater detail. You had the right idea to show her resolve and courage, but expound on that a little more to show us what she is feeling and her determination. Remember throughout to allow your readers to feel like they are right there in the story. Include: Sights, sounds, smells, body language, etc. What was she smelling in the shops and how did she respond to it? Did she close her eyes, tilt her head back and linger for a moment taking in the wonderful aromas of vanilla, mint and chocolate? New fabric smells, hair and nail salon chemicals? Did a chill run up her spine and make her tingle with fright over the bombs going off?

I hope that will give you some ideas, either for this or your next great entry. You have a remarkable talent and I pray you continue to stretch and challenge yourself to grow as a writer. I can't wait to read your next one!
Congrats on a great piece.

God BLess~
Congrats! I'm delighted that you took the prize for this well written entry!
I like this! At first, the girl's life was sounding too good to be true or of any real interest to me - and so I was wondering where the article was headed. When the tone changed from pleasant sites and smells to those of unrest, I appreciated the contrast you had built into the piece, evoking sadness for the turn of events. These events sound familiar to current events.

Within the chaos and loss, you effectively illuminated hope in God, and I personally appreciated the reminder of God's sovereignty.